Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Maybe you recall an earlier post - Maggie comes to Town.
Some stayed !!

Magpie Melody.

A melody of magpies just greeted me,
whilst taking a rest, also a beaut cup of tea.
It may have been thank you for  the freshened bird bath.
No sound from a kooka, so it wasn’t just a laugh.

They chortled and carolled , perched on fence and gum tree,
I’m sure it was composed - by them - just  for me.
Some young, a few old; and more is the pity
the young have been reared here; in my smoky city.

Their joyous musicallity is heard every morn
from down by the river just after new dawn.
As the sun rises further, when they know I’m about
they give me their marvellous melody shout.

Will they one day, return to the old town of Bourke
where fossicking for food is much harder work,
competing with kestrels and hawks with their might
or  watching for eagles , perhaps even a kite.

Well, that will be my loss.
No nearby refrain.
It will be swallowed by the thunder
of  a hurtling cattle train.

©. Rimeriter. 9/2012.

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